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AFRICA MAASAI PHOTO SAFARI JULY 2014scroll 'next' for all photos

Five years ago, I started a second sculpture in my mother/child series. It was depicting a Maasai woman and her baby... but I hit a wall along the way. I had little reference, and could not find details on little things like; what kind of jewelry is appropriate, would the baby have jewelry, how would the mother's ears be pierced? The sculpture sat on my shop counter, begging completion.
On the way to the Serengeti, we stopped at a Maasai Village and were allowed into their private lives, camera in hand. Several days later, we met some Maasai women selling their wares near one of our lodges. One of them, Natumi, spoke fairly decent English. I asked if there was a mother/child in her village, and she confirmed.

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