'Interface' (a few left in the edition)
Giraffe Pair
20"H x 7"L x 7"W
Edition of 48

After our initial 16 hour flight into Johannesburg, we boarded a small plane bound for Hoedspruit. I had not seen any African wildlife yet, and assumed it would be a day or two before we got to Kruger. We got in the vehicle and headed to the lodge. What? We had hardly left the airport, and there he stood in the trees! A big beautiful giraffe. I was screaming and shaking Michael`s arm and could not have even snapped a photo as we drove. My camera was still packed and I could not have focused anyhow, I was crying with excitement! It was a little embarrassing and I quickly tried to regain composure, explaining to the driver that I would improve with time. I didn`t, really. Every sighting was a new thrill.

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