Sterling Silver Pendants
by Jocelyn Russell

Handmade Glass Pendants
by Dane Lillpop

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Sterling Silver Pendants by Jocelyn RussellHandmade Glass Pendants by Dane Lillpop

About the Artist

I grew up in Alamosa, working on a ranch with my mother, father, and older brother. I spent years in my mother`s studio (Jocelyn Russell), watching her paint and sculpt (doing my best to stay out of her light), and often tagged along with her to art shows across the country. Art was an integral part of my childhood, and any creativity I showed was nurtured as much as possible.

I moved to Washington State with my mother in 2002 to attend high school in the San Juan Islands. I moved to Bellingham, WA with several of my high school classmates. On a whim, I accompanied my best friend to Seattle once a week to a lampworking class at Pratt Fine Arts Center in the fall of 2007. I was hooked after the first class. We immediately, with the encouragement and help of my mother, assembled a studio in our basement.

About the Art

There are many types of glass, and each has a different melting point and different characteristics in the flame. I choose to work with borosilicate glass, more commonly known as Pyrex (yes, just like your measuring cup at home), which has a melting point of about 1510 degrees Fahrenheit. When molten, borosilicate has the consistency of very cold honey. It is a mixture of primarily silica and boron oxide and is less dense than ordinary glass. Borosilicate does not expand and contract in response to heat as much as most kinds of glass and, therefore, is less likely to break. For example, you could pour boiling water into your Pyrex measuring cup without incident, but a regular drinking glass would crack or shatter. Borosilicate can certainly break, but it usually snaps instead of shattering into tiny pieces.

I use a Nortel Minor Burner torch that runs on propane and compressed oxygen. Each one of my pendants is cooled slowly in a computer-controlled kiln to relieve the internal stress in the glass. This process is called "annealing," and it ensures that your pendant won`t spontaneously break of its own accord. If you care for it, and treat it like the piece of glass that it is, it will be with you for a very long time! Each pendant is tied with black satin cord with two strong sliding knots for adjusting length.

Many of the following pendants are no longer available, but if you like a particular design it can be duplicated or done with almost any color of your choice. Please contact at the email address below! Prices include shipping for continental US purchases. I accept money orders, personal checks, Paypal, or credit cards (Visa or Mastercard only). If you'd like to purchase a pendant, just click the purchase button, fill out the order form, and I'll contact you!

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